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Use Google’s AMP in Wordpress website

How to Use Google’s AMP in WordPress website and Make Your Mobile Pages Load Much Faster

Reading news articles is often painfully slow with pages taking a long time to load on the mobile device. Even after text loads on page, pages continue loading over many seconds, as ads, tracking javascript and images takes longer to get downloaded.

You can use a WordPress responsive theme to alleviate some of the problems, but responsive design doesn’t deal with page load performance. We use lot of plugins and try to make website fully responsive to fit on displays of many different resolutions and we fail to create an experience optimised for the smallest displays, lower CPU performance and the slowest connections. And even with responsive design, all desktop assets and functionality will still load when the page is rendered on mobile, often resulting in low performance.

Google recently launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), an initiative to load the content more faster. And, WordPress recently announced they added support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to and to sites in the form of a free plugin.

What is AMP ?

AMP creates a special mobile view for your website, the new mobile site enhances your content for supported clients such as Google mobile search and Chrome. AMP gets around this by restricting the number features on a page, stripping out design features for speed. Google has claimed that AMP’s loading speed is 85 percent faster than regular web pages. This new view is in addition to the the regular and mobile websites you already have. Under this view, your pages look like normal web pages but with all but the content stripped away. Because of this, you need to make sure your WordPress site is ready for it

How to Use AMP on your WordPress website?

So let’s see how you can add AMP to your blog or news site and benefit from the latest tech to speed up your website on mobile devices.

Installing the plugin through WordPress is the quickest. Login to your WordPress admin area. Go to Plugins and select “Add New”. You just have to search for amp-wp and then you can see the plugin as a search result. Simply click install and then activate to start using AMP on your website.

Download AMP plugin for WordPress Website

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