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Use Google Adsense Ads Under Navigation Menu
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Use Google Adsense Ads Under Navigation Menu

Google Adsense can generate more revenue if you use it wisely. If you know how to use Google Adsense Ads under navigation menu, then you are in right direction. The navigation menu is the place which gets more hits than any other place and easily viewable.

Please follow the process to Use Google Adsense Ads under navigation menu

Please remember for Leaderboard, use Image/rich media ads only.

Now follow the simple steps.

1. At first, Login your Google Adsense Account and create you desire ad unit and copy the code.

2. After copying the code, login to WordPress dashboard. Go to Editor and Find Header.php file on the editor.

3. Open the header.php file and paste the Adsense codes at the bottom of the file.

4. To make it center just use the center tags like <center>Google Adsense Code</center>.

That’s it you’re DONE. 

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If you’re using Thesis 1.8 then just follow the below steps.

1. At first, take a back up of your custom_functions.php & custom.css file which is to be used in this steps. In the case of any mistake you can back up will help you.
2. Now put the following code in your custom_functions.php file.

function addmenu() { ?>
<ul id=”addmenu”>
<?php }

Click on Save button.

3. Then put the following code on your Custom.css file.

.custom ul#addmenu {
height: 20px;
background:#E6E6E6 none repeat scroll 0 0;
padding-top: 5px;
width: 100%;

Click on save button and you are done.


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