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Skype Tips & Tricks

Skype is one of the best tool to make audio calls, video calls and instant messaging now a days. And, we can do lot more than just making a audio/video call, such as when you are on call you can share your computer screen with the person you are on call with by using its Share Screen feature. You can send and receive files easily using it.

In short, Skype is the best tool for business people to chat, one to one calls, and even group calls. Skype keeps the team together even the members are not sitting together in one office room.

In this blog post, I am listing 10 best Skype Tips and Tricks that you must try out now to use it like Pro.

  • Edit Sent Messages

Many times while sending text messages, we do type mistakes feel embarrass. But, you can edit the sent message just by pressing “Up Arrow” Key or by right clicking on the message.

Skype tricks edit message

Click on “Edit Message”, and the message will become editable.

Skype tricks edit message

  • Multiple Chat Windows

If you have many people to chat at the same time, you may find it irritating to click to their names from the left column every time. You have to keep switching to show their chat which may irritate you.

No worries! Skype has the solution for it that you probably don’t know. There is nothing much to do.

Just go to View and select Split Window View.

Now, when you click to open someone’s chat, they will open in new window.

  • Set Custom Names to your Contacts

I love this feature as it allows me to give any name to my contacts. It is very helpful when you have multiple contacts with same name. You can make difference in their names by adding something or change their names to something else.

To do it, you just need to right-click on a contact and click on rename.

  • Take Backup of Chat history

You may want to backup your chat history to be on the safer side as you never know when you are bound to format your PC or you may uninstall Skype for some period for some reasons.

Skype offers you take backup of the chat history which you can later restore when needed.

You just have to press Ctrl + R to open Run, and then enter this %appdata%\skype. This will open a new window, where you can find your Skype accountname an dopen it.

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