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Affiliate Marketing And Making Money Online

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting products and getting a commission from the sale. An affiliate marketing and making money online is really simple if you can promote it on your blog or podcasts. Simply, I would like to define affiliate marketing as a partnership between a publisher who produces a content and a retailer who has an affiliate program hosted by an affiliate tracking platform.

affiliate marketing and making money online

And, Affiliate Marketing which is known as oldest technique and way to make money online by selling products and services. You just need to promote the products and when someone purchases these products through your reference link, product merchant/company will give you a fixed amount of commission as a reward.

You can use affiliate link in: written content (blog), use them in product listings, mentioning them verbally on podcasts or embedding them into banner advertisements.

What is affiliate marketing and making money online is possible by doing it?

It is exceptionally easy to understand about affiliate marketing and making money online is possible. You simply need to offer and promote items by various means, for example, on your site, web-based social networking system or through email or promoting it on podcasts. For instance, you tie up as an affiliate with Bluehost and promoting their web hosting services using your blog then you will be provided a banner or link from Bluehost to put on your blog. As soon as somebody went through that banner on your blog and purchase web hosting bundle or any other services you will be rewarded commission (U$65 for web hosting signup). As a rule, Bluehost pays $65 for every effective buy of web hosting bundles.

Before beginning, you have to Sign up for Affiliate Program in which you need to do work.

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If you want to make some extra money then following are the best affiliate marketing programs available;

  1. Commission Junction(CJ)
  2. Bluehost 
  3. Hostgator
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. Share a Sale


Bluehost has really been around for over 10 years now, having initiated business in 2003, however, as a web facilitating administration, it has truly developed in prevalence in the course of recent years. At the point when individuals think modest shared facilitating they frequently consider like Hostgator and GoDaddy, yet Bluehost has many bundles similarly as modest, and additionally advanced Word Press facilitating, VPS and devoted facilitating.

A noteworthy appreciation for Bluehost for Word Press engineers and the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to work with WP is Bluehost’s modern, committed Word Press facilitating. Truth be told, Word Press themselves rate Bluehost as the #1 prescribed facilitating organization for Word Press destinations. WP establishment with Bluehost is as basic as a single tick incorporation. This is one of the reason why I recommend to all my clients to use and also recommend the affiliate marketing and making money online to those who want to make money online.

affiliate marketing and making money online

Bluehost features:

  • #1 web facilitating for Word Press destinations.
  • 24hrs technical support, including a telephone call, live chat.
  • Bundles extend from exceptionally spending plan valued shared facilitating directly through to modern committed facilitating.
  • Unconditional promise and discounts whenever amid your facilitating.
  • Get $150 in Google and Bing promoting when you agree to accept a Bluehost bundle.
  • They offer 1 on 1 preparing for getting a site up and running.
  • An update choice to elite servers for shared facilitating, expanding site stacking pace and solidness, yet at the same time at to a great degree moderate valuing.
  • Programmed day by day, week after week and month to month reinforcements of your whole record.
  • Buy area names through Bluehost.
  • Get free areas with facilitating bundles.
  • cPanel interface included.
  • Cutting edge site security and solidness.
  • 99.9% uptime with quick page stacking.
  • Cloud facilitating administrations.

Visit Bluehost Website


With no doubt, Hostgator is one of the best in providing web hosting services. I personally use Hostgator and I am getting 99.94% uptime each month. And, Hostgator have affiliate Program which implies we will get rewards for guiding clients to their product if clients we forwarded acquired their item we will get a commission for the sale. Thereby it’s a win-win circumstance for the purchaser, vendor, and referrer. To know How to information exchange for Hostgator Affiliate visit their website.

affiliate marketing and making money online

Where to Signup for Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator have one of the best programs of affiliate marketing and making money online is really easy with them. Furthermore, they give phenomenal client support to which they are most well known for. If you are searching for any facilitating services. Like all other facilitating programs Hostgator additionally offers free Affiliate Program. It’s allowed to information exchange for Hostgator partner program which is you don’t need or it’s not required for you to purchase a HostGator facilitating administration before utilizing this subsidiary program.which is extraordinary arrangement anybody can give it a shot without spending a penny for it.

All you require is a site or blog to show the OFFER COUPONS or DISCOUNTS promotion flags gave by Hostgator partner program on your blog or website. If client taps the standard connections it will take them to their site and in the event that they buy their item by clicking your connection they will get the rebate and you can get income from that so absolutely it’s a benefit for both buyer, seller, and referrer.

For the initial:

5 sales(in a month) you will be compensated U$50 and on the off chance that you deal

6-10 deals in a month you will get U$75 and

11-20 deal for every month it will be U$100,

more than 21 deal you will get U$125 per sale.

So, in the event that you deal 21 every month, you will be procuring U$21 x U$125 = $2625 without spending any penny. Isn’t hostgator affiliate marketing and making money online is easy?

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